fabrizio cornegliani

Fabrizio Cornegliani

It’s March 19, 2004, the stopwatch on the wall of the martial arts gym indicates 21:55.

Day, minute, second that change the life of Fabrizio Cornegliani, born in 1969 in Miradolo Terme. Sport and competition were already daily bread, from the marble run in the oratory in Valera Fratta to basketball/volleyball/football up to athletics practiced with Snam of S. Donato under the guidance of Felice Costante.

Work obligations “dismember” Fabrizio’s passion for running but martial arts keep his predisposition for discipline and challenge alive. The accident at the gym costs him the dislocation of two vertebrae and tetraplegia. Rehabilitation is a choice but the continuous and crazy desire for life leads him to the handbike, the most suitable tool for recovery.

“Fifteen years spent on that vehicle have allowed me to return to being a performing and perfectionist athlete“.

Ercole Spada knows this well, with whom Fabrizio created the Equa Team, who defines him as “a great champion and the best test driver at national and international level”. It is known, his feverish determination in pursuit of accuracy and the decision of him to the cause of his teammates. Ten absolute Italian triumphs, a couple of tours of Italy, European medals, three world champion titles, three rainbow jerseys, one silver and one bronze.

The space for successes at the Cornegliani house is always too small.

On the other hand, his will to live, to win and to take flight is immense (he is an ultralight pilot also qualified to transport passengers).

“Tetraplegia is a universe in itself, after the accident a new path of challenge and survival began.”

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